Calabria Liquid Crystals Technology

CaLCTec S.r.l. has born in the 1998 as spin-off company from the Italian Institute for the Physics of the Matter – INFM. When in the 1998 we decided to found our Company, we were researchers belonging to the Calabria INFM Research Unit, concerned in Liquid Crystals and Soft Matter Physics.

Our goal was to make available to everyone the skill and the know-how accumulated during a quarter of century of scientific activity, mostly spent in a Laboratory. Our competencies, proved by hundreds scientific publications, include a wide spectrum of arguments concerning the physics and the technology of Liquid Crystals, from fundaments to advanced application.

Nowadays we are manufacturers of electro-optical devices based on Liquid Crystals, and we also produce precise instruments useful for investigating both organic materials and thin films.
Our policy is to devise, to plan and to build our instruments and devices as if we were the customers: precise, easy to use and reliable instruments to make your work easier!


Full automatic  spin coater the CaLCTec Fr10KPA series. Very easy to use. Allows to realize thin films with any kind of material (photo resist, polyimides, sol-gel, enamel, varnish et al.) of finely controlled and reproducible thickness, over any kind of substrate (ex. copper, silicon, glass, plastic).

Hot Stage

Hot stage series specially made to control samples temperature. FB temperature control series is developed for optical benches while the FM series is properly suitable to work under microscope. Both FB and FM series are available in different versions.

Rubbing Machine

Rubbing Machine extremely easy to use. It allows to realize the rubbing of small and big substrates. The substrates are stuck on the plane by an adjustable pneumatic system in function of the dimensions of the substrate. Possibility of regulation of travel speed of the floor and rotation speed of the roller.


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Liquid Crystals

CaLCTec designs and manufactures precision electro-optical components based on Liquid Crystals Technology, offers supply services in the field of Liquid Crystals and thin films technology.

Other Products

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Contact us

CaLCTec is located into the Physics Department of the University of Calabria. The campus is built on the hills surrounding Rende, a small city near Cosenza.
Click here to open a Google Maps to observe a map of our University.

Contact Info

  Adress: c/o UniCal, Dipartimento di Fisica (via P. Bucci, cubo 33C, piano 4) - 87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS)

  Telephone: +39 0984 496142

  Mobile: +39 392 3996104

  Fax: +39 0984 496142

  Email: info(@NOSPAM)

How to reach us:
By Airplane:

The nearest airport is Lamezia Terme where airplanes lands mainly from Rome and Milan. It is one hour by car far from the University.
It is possible to reach the University by cab (spending around 40 Euros) or by coach to Cosenza (spending around 4 Euros).

By Car:

Leaving the highway "A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria" on the exit "Cosenza Nord" follow Paola and Università indications.
University is about 1Km far from highway exit

By Train:

Coming from north (Rome, Naples) or south (Reggio Calabria, Sicily) leave the coastal railway at Paola station (most probably changing train) direction Cosenza. The nearest station to University is Castiglione Cosentino, and then take a bus to University (2Km far).