Calabria Liquid Crystals Technology

CaLCTec S.r.l. has born in the 1998 as spin-off company from the Italian Institute for the Physics of the Matter – INFM. When in the 1998 we decided to found our Company, we were researchers belonging to the Calabria INFM Research Unit, concerned in Liquid Crystals and Soft Matter Physics. Our goal was to make available to everyone the skill and the know-how accumulated during a quarter of century of scientific activity, mostly spent in a Laboratory. Our competencies, proved by hundreds scientific publications, include a wide spectrum of arguments concerning the physics and the technology of Liquid Crystals, from fundaments to advanced application. Nowadays we are manufacturers of electro-optical devices based on Liquid Crystals, and we also produce precise instruments useful for investigating both organic materials and thin films.
Our policy is to devise, to plan and to build our instruments and devices as if we were the customers: precise, easy to use and reliable instruments to make your work easier!