Spin Coater System FR10KPA

The CaLCTec FR10KPA is a fully automatic spin coater, extremely easy to use. It allows to realize thin films with any kind of material (photo-resist, polyimide, sol-gel, enamel, varnish et al.) of finely controlled and reproducible thickness, over any kind of substrate (copper, silicon, glass, plastic). The software easily allows to set operating cycles with an arbitrary number of steps. They can be loaded, executed and modified at any time just with a mouse click. Any recipe can be integrated with a comment and saved on the preferred PC memory unit. With the available option “°K-Chuck” installed, the CaLCTec FR10KPA is unique since the chuck temperature can be precisely controlled up to 200°C. The chuck temperature control can be
activated either when the chuck is rotating or stopped. The CaLCTec FR10KPA spin coater is completely adaptable to the customer needs, even with special custom accessories. Interlock safety system: cover opened, insufficient vacuum, motor temperature – the appliance will not start or will stop if the cover is open or if the vacuum is too low for a safe substrate holding and if the motor temperature is high.

Common features for FR10KPA models:
Emergency stop button
Voltage/frequency: AC 230V / 50Hz
Power : 550W
Weight: ≈25 Kg.
Stainless steel frame and case
Stainless steel bowl 26 cm diameter (10”)
Stainless chuck 7 cm diameter ( ~3”)
Spinning speed 200-10000 rpm
Acceleration: 1-10000 revolution/s2
Built-in vacuum pump automatically operated
Manual operation start, stop, speed regulation
Interlock safety system: cover not closed, insufficient vacuum

Spin-Coating System FR10KPAPC: PC Controlled

Communication cable for USB port
Software: O.S. Windows XP, 7, 8,10
Quick and easy installation
Operating cycles with an arbitrary number of steps
Straightforward cycle programming
For each step it is possible to define accurately: starting speed, acceleration/deceleration, target speed, rotation time at steady speed.
Notes or comments of arbitrary length can be added to the recipe
Search function for recipes based upon comments contents
Easy management of recipes data base
Recipes file in ASCII format

Spin-Coating System FR10KPAHC: Thermo Chuck

Same features like PC Controlled Model plus Thermo Chuck:
Temperature up to 200 °C
Digital PID temperature controller
0.1°C resolution
6 cm diameter (~2.4”)
IR sensor for temperature
Materials: black anodized aluminum, ceramics

Special chucks available on request!